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How do I change the Google Ads budget?
Reactivate of your Shopstory account
Are placeholders automatically corrected for Google Ads that have already been placed?
Why is my bounce rate 0%?
How often is data updated?
Why do I get very little or no conversions?
What do the coloured markings for keywords mean?
Are ad links automatically adjusted when a product URL changes in the product feed?
Which Google ad copy should I use?
Are the keywords in SEO recommendations ranked according to importance / impact?
Can I assign a keyword to multiple products?
Can I advertise in more than one country?
Why do I have to give my shop's profitability values?
How can I pause an ad?
What if I don't know my own profitability values?
Why is it important to have a list of keywords for every product?
What happens to keywords that do not perform? What does "not performing" even mean?
Can I create ads in multiple languages with Shopstory?
How can I exclude keywords?
Can I connect multiple Search Console pages?
How can I change or edit the images that are displayed to me in "My Shop"?
I don't have a product feed! What should I do?
How do the values for determining profitability for brands and categories (margin, conversion rate, shopping basket) behave?
Can I upload multiple product catalogues?
Wie bekomme ich einen Product-Feed und warum ist der wichtig?
Why do I have to choose a country?
Why are my expenses higher than my budget?
Can I advertise on the competition?
New password / Change password
How to make product feed in Shopware 5?
Switch to the Shopstory Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)
Are brands / categories / brands + categories automatically paused like products when out of stock?
Advertiser verification - Google Ads
What is Quality Score?
Add a user to the Merchant Center:
What are the pins next to ad copy?
What are placeholders?
I received an email from Google regarding compliance with the EU User Consent policy. What is it and what should I do?
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What Ad extensions can I use in Shopstory?

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