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A few actions go a long way!

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you get the most out of your SEA. By implementing the next few tips, you can ensure that:

  1. You get higher quality SEA recommendations

  2. Your SEA is further optimized

Pay attention to the keywords

It's crucial that ads are placed using effective keywords.

By spending just a few minutes applying your shop specific expertise to review the keywords recommended by Shopstory, it will make a big difference.

When implementing an SEA recommendation or placing an ad yourself, consider the keywords attached to that ad.

Edit the ad template

Customers read ads before clicking on them. The more enticing the ad, the more likely they are to click.

Shopstory uses an ad template to create ad text and it's pretty good! But you can make it even better by simply editing the ad text to make sure it speaks to customers.

Have a strong landing page

Remember that advertising is just the start of your customers' journey.

Once someone clicks on the ad, they are only going to make a purchase if the page they land on enables them to do so.

So make sure the web page attached to the ad is enticing and effective for making sales.

Some tips for making a good landing page:

  1. Include high-quality images

  2. Have a simple, large call-to-action button

  3. Include testimonials and social proof

  4. Ensure the page is optimized more mobile