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Visibility, visibility, visibility!

There’s a reason you’re using Shopstory - you understand the importance of visibility for an eCommerce business. Higher visibility results in higher traffic to your eCommerce shop, which results in more sales and more profits!

Shopstory recommendations are designed with exactly that in mind, with each recommendation there to help you with increase your visibility on Google.

Our AI is constantly analysing external market data and your eCommerce shop data and then using this information to compute the optimal SEA and SEO actions for your online shop.

Types of recommendations

Recommendations for SEA -These are recommendations to make Google ads for shop elements (products, brands and categories).

  • Shopstory makes these recommendations based on data collected from from external sources, your online shop and info provided by you regarding your business metrics.

Recommendations for SEO - Similar to SEA recommendations, these are recommendations designed to help you increase your organic traffic via search engine results.

  • Shopstory will make recommendations to you regarding the keywords you should place on your landing pages, the types of blog articles you should publish, etc.

Enabling the best recommendations

There's a few things you can do in order to enable Shopstory to make highly optimized recommendations for you.

  1. Enrich your keywords! A strong list of keywords enables Shopstory to recommend the optimal SEA and SEO actions for you to take. The better the keywords, the better the recommendations. It’s that simple!

  2. Select your favourite shop elements.  This will enable Shopstory to prioritize these when considering recommendations to make.

  3. Update your margins & basket size. If you have important brands or categories that have profit margins or basket sizes that vary greatly from the average, update these in your shop elements. This will improve the calculations made by Shopstory and result in better recommendations.